Manned Guarding

From their Basic job Training and their company inductions, our Security Officers understand that the protection of life and prevention of loss and waste are critical to your business.

We shall not only provide you with high profile Security Officers that prove to rebuff the most harden criminal, but are also a deterrent to the “opportunist thief”.

Regular effective patrolling is an important element of manned guarding. All our Officers are frequently assessed at each site to make sure we are being effective.

The latest Electronic Patrol Monitoring Systems allow us to see “live” patrolling taking place, ensuring not only the Security Officer is safe, but your premises are secure.

You may want “front on house” security at your premises. We select certain types of personnel for different types of duties.

Where appropriate, we encourage our customers to get involved in the selection process so they can help us choose the right kind of qualities required at their sites. We find this an advantage where customer liaison is an essential part of the role.