School Watch

Recent statistics have suggested that 73% of all fires at schools are as a result of arson attacks.

Schools and colleges are constantly exposed to many different threats in modern society. Both are increasingly targeted by vandals, petty thieves and drug users.

Our School Watch service has proved to be a highly effective service since it was introduced over 10 years ago.

This service is tailor made to provide security cover to schools and colleges outside of working hours and during the holidays when schools and colleges are targeted. Working in close partnership with local partners this service has shown to actively decrease crime levels.

By signing up to our school watch scheme we will:

  • Answer all alarm activations during out of school hours and at weekends/holidays. This will ensure that staff are not compromising their safety by answering alarm activations out of work hours.
  • Perform random mobile patrols/spot checks of the school/college during vulnerable hours and during the holiday period
  • Erect highly visible signage which will act as a deterrant